St Mary Star of the Sea

Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario

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To celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Monday, December 9th, there will be Mass at 9:00 am as well as 7:00 pm.  Confessions will be heard from 6:30 pm to 6:45 pm.

Lord, You engender the Body of the Holy Church in a way which You alone know and understand….. By means of Your Blood, You make a well-organized, well-formed Body of which You are the Head.  The angels delight in its beauty, the archangels admire it, the seraphim are enraptured by it, all the angelic spirits marvel at it, and all the souls of the blessed in heaven rejoice in it.  The Blessed Trinity takes delight in it in a manner beyond our comprehension.

St Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi

Quoted from Divine Intimacy, First Week After The Ephiphany, 44.

December 15 2019 Message

3rd Sunday of Advent

I have had many different conversations growing up with other Catholics about the Sacrament of Confession. It was in my first year in university where some of those opinions were expressed to me. These opinions are common amongst us and they should be addressed.

1) If God forgives sins, why do I need a priest? Yes, you can confess your sins directly to God, I will not limit God's grace. But, God clearly gave us a sacrament for this to be done, a way in which we have the sure and certain hope that our sins are forgiven. To hear the words: "I absolve you from your sins" is certainty that our sins are forgiven, we cannot get that if we go directly to God. Secondly, as much as we like to think, no sin is private. It wounds our relationship with God and as a result it wounds our hearts and our relationships with others. In going to the priest, you are not only forgiven of your sins but are reconciled with the Church as well.

2) "Why bother? I am just gonna commit the same sins over again anyways." With an attitude like that, something in the heart is lacking, that full sorrow for sins. Yes, we might get caught up with those nagging habitual sins; but, we rely on God's grace which we receive in the Sacrament, to get us out of those nasty habits.

3) "I dont want to be a hypocrite...I cannot make a promise not to I am not going to go to confession." We are all hypocrites; but, we make that promise to God, and he understands our weaknesses. This is the reason why he gave us the sacrament. In the Sacrament, we often forget its not just forgiveness of our sins that we receive, we also receive God's grace to help us in our weakness. It is important to remember, the greatest of saints considered themselves the greatest of sinners. Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta went to confession twice a week. St John Paul the II also went twice a week.

This week you have the opportunity here and elsewhere throughout the Archdiocese to get to confession as Church’s will offer confession throughout the week in a more generous way. It is the best way to prepare for Christmas and the coming of the Lord in all his glory. I will leave you a quote from our Holy Father, Pope Francis:

"The Priest, a man who, like us, is in need of mercy, truly becomes an instrument of mercy, bring us the limitless love of God the Father... At times we hear of those who claim to confess directly to God...yes, as I said before, God always listens, but in the Sacrament of reconciliation, he sends a brother to bring forgiveness to you, the certainty of forgiveness, in the name of the Church."

Father Michael

solemnity of the immaculate conception