St Mary Star of the Sea

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Lord, You engender the Body of the Holy Church in a way which You alone know and understand….. By means of Your Blood, You make a well-organized, well-formed Body of which You are the Head.  The angels delight in its beauty, the archangels admire it, the seraphim are enraptured by it, all the angelic spirits marvel at it, and all the souls of the blessed in heaven rejoice in it.  The Blessed Trinity takes delight in it in a manner beyond our comprehension.

St Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi

Quoted from Divine Intimacy, First Week After The Ephiphany, 44.

January 12 2020 Message

Baptism of the Lord

At the conclusion of the Christmas season according to the current liturgical calendar, we celebrate the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. Today's feast gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our own Baptism by water and the Holy Spirit, and give thanks to God for the great gift which it is to us.

The early Church Fathers called the Sacrament of Baptism the Vitae Spiritualis Ianua - the door of the spiritual life. Before our baptism, although created in the image of God, we were still estranged from Him because of original sin. Everyone was born into this dysfunctional reality. Yet, what we celebrate at the end of the Christmas season leading us back into Ordinary Time is that God, in his love and mercy towards us, not because of anything that we have done or merited, sends us our saviour, Jesus Christ. The reason why he is a saviour is because we all need to be saved from sin which is estrangement from God and its effects, death.

Through Baptism we are united to Christ and no longer are we exiled from God by original sin. Our Heavenly Father, by His grace, by His unmerited gift to sinners, has called us forth from the fallen world and incorporated us into the very life of the Blessed Trinity. In being united to Christ, we become sons and daughters in the One Son and are given our hereditary share, heaven. On the day of our baptism and throughout our life we should acknowledge and hear the voice of the Father speaking: "You are my are my daughter, with you I am well pleased."

In being incorporated into the life of Christ, as children of the Father and heirs to the kingdom, we share in his mission - to seek out and save the lost. Keep this reality and your identity as the baptized in mind throughout the year as we speak about evangelization.

Please continue to desire for an open heart to God’s creative and dynamic power in your life.

Father Michael