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Christ at Thirty Three by Heinrich Hofmann

Archdiocese of Toronto Website

This site is full of information about our Archdiocese including events in and around the Archdiocese, news, financial reports and information about our faith.  And one of my favourite links on this site is for Cardinal Collins Lectio Divina's.

Vatican Website

There is a rich collection of encyclicals, apostolic letters and homilies organized for you by Pope.  It is one of the pearls of our Catholic faith that our magisterium, theologians and clergy are so prolific.  Some of the documents are long - like the encyclicals - but some are very easy to read - like the homilies.  Don't be intimidated by the language and terms but browse through each document - and pause at maybe only one or two paragraphs.  The writings are beautiful and the teachings are exciting.  Discover, reflect and enjoy!

Here is the January 1st 2014 homily of Pope Francis: Homily Jan 1 2014

EWTN Website
Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) Global Catholic Network is dedicated to teaching the truth as defined by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic church.  Their mission is to help people grow in their love and understanding of God and His infinite mercy.  The website is rich in videos, blogs, television and radio broadcasts and documents of all kinds.  When you enter the site, click on the Faith link  in the top menu to open up your own personal library of Vatican documents, theological papers and Catholic encyclopedias. 

Salt & Light TV Website
Salt & Light's mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ and the joy of the Gospel in Canada and globally by telling stories of hope that bring people closer to Christ and the Catholic faith.  This website is worth exploring for news, telecasts, videos and social media. Through the website you have access to their magazine and information about their New APP.  It is definitely worth registering with Salt & Light for their weekly e-mail updates!