top ten reasons for belonging to the cwl

Care for Our Common Home

Care for Our Common Home has been the theme for the year 2019 as directed by His Holiness, Pope Francis. With this in mind, our Council has been actively working to do small things to help our environment. The following is the theme prayer.

1 - The CWL deepens my faith life, enhancing my spiritual journey.

2 - The CWL is a supportive sisterhood that enjoys having fun.

3 - I get to know the women in my parish community and develop

4 - I am part of the largest national organization of Catholic women.

5 - I am part of the united voice for Catholic women when representatives
     meet with the provincial and federal governments.

6 - I receive The Canadian League magazine three times per year.

7 - The CWL is the heart of the parish and works on many projects in the
     parish and community.

8 - The CWL provides an opportunity for leadership development and
     education on issues of concern.

9 - The CWL is open to women of all ages and embraces many traditions.

10 - I can attend diocesan, provincial and national conventions.

Care for Our Common Home

You continue to renew the face of the earth,
“For from the greatness and beauty of created things
Comes a corresponding perception of their Creator.”

Teach us, Lord,
As members of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada,
To become attuned to our need to protect
The beauty of our common home.

May our efforts lead us to sustain its natural order,
So that, in the words of Pope Francis,
Our heritage is never “deprived of physical contact with nature”.


Our Executive 2018-2020

Spiritual Advisor - Fr. Michael Simoes
Presdent - Barbara Barringer
President Elect - Angela Menezes
Vice President - Joane Docherty
Treasurer - Anne Marie Munden
Correspondence Secretary - Pauline Clark
Recording Secretary - Charmaine Saldanha
Spiritual Development Chair - Catherine Griffin
Organization Chair - Evelyn Wickett
Historian / Past President - Anne Marie Munden
Communictions Chair - Barbara Maj
Legislation & Resolutions - Joane Docherty
Parish Activity - Pauline Clark

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel

Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel, filled with the Holy Spirit,
you were a faithful disciple of Jesus, your Son.
Intercede with your Son for us,
that we may be faithful to our baptism, fervent in prayer, and
generous in the service we give to our sisters and brothers.

May the Spirit of the living God, who graced you with the gift
of counsel, lead us in the way of truth and love.
With the help of your prayers, may we come to rejoice forever with you
and the great company of saints in the kingdom of heaven.



St Mary Star of the Sea

Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario

League Prayer

We humbly pray you, O God our Father, to bless the Catholic Women's League of Canada.
Bless our beloved country, our homes and families.
Send Your Holy Spirit upon us to give light to our minds and strength to our wills that we may know and fulfil Your great law of charity.
Teach us to share with others, at home and abroad, the good things You have given us.
This we ask through Our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of our patroness Our Lady of Good Counsel.