St Mary Star of the Sea

The scope of this website is for sharing all the information on the series of topics that I have accumulated and set up for my own use as co-ordinator for the RCIA course at St Mary Star of the Sea at Port Credit these last ten or twelve years. Also included are the opening and closing prayers mainly gleaned from an Irish Jesuit site contained in their online retreat in everyday life. Information about each particular topic, handouts of notes pertaining to the same and also some ancillary pictures in jpg form are also presented here.

discover catholicism

Please have a look at the setup below which is the general sequence of points in each session. I do elicit knowledge from the candidates through questions, bearing in mind that sometimes I meet with a blank look from some. I do this instead of just lecturing about each topic and to get the candidates to interact.

Each year I always try to juggle around the sessions before Christmas to match with important feasts or Gospel readings. Example: The session about Mary is always conducted around the 8th December.

We do not work out our RCIA course through 3 years or in the form of dismissal of catechumens but do prepare the candidates for the next Sunday’s Gospel during each weekly session starting from September to a few weeks of Mystagogy after Easter.

We do insist on punctuality and regular attendance for those who want to receive the Sacraments on Easter Vigil. If an emergency keeps someone away, we do our best to provide one to one make up sessions.

I do not have or ask for any copyright for anything contained in this website and ask you to feel free to choose, adapt and use anything or all therein for your RCIA course or any catechetical purpose.

John Scerri

Co-ordinator RCIA
St Mary Star of the Sea Parish
Port Credit, Ontario Canada

Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario