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Lord, You engender the Body of the Holy Church in a way which You alone know and understand….. By means of Your Blood, You make a well-organized, well-formed Body of which You are the Head.  The angels delight in its beauty, the archangels admire it, the seraphim are enraptured by it, all the angelic spirits marvel at it, and all the souls of the blessed in heaven rejoice in it.  The Blessed Trinity takes delight in it in a manner beyond our comprehension.

St Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi

Quoted from Divine Intimacy, First Week After The Ephiphany, 44.

Simply stated, the Mystery of the Trinity reveals that there is one God in three divine persons. The three divine Persons are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each Person possesses whole and entire the one divine nature. So there are not three gods but One God. The three Persons are equal, co-eternal and omnipotent. They are really distinct from each other but mutually related by love; in fact, the Persons are constituted by their mutual relations of love - they are a dynamic communion of divine life and love.

The Mystery of the Trinity is a theological mystery. When we speak of a theological mystery, it is not like a murder mystery or some other notion of mystery that might come to us from a novel. A theological mystery is not a problem to be solved, a puzzle to be figured out. A theological mystery is not a gap in our knowledge of God which we will eventually figure out. There is a gap, and there will always be a gap between the Creator and creature. This gap between the Creator and creature is meant to foster an encounter and from this encounter evolve into a relationship. This relationship is always inexhaustible - even in heaven. As human beings, we are hard wired for this relationship and we cannot completely suffocate this in our hearts, but we can refuse to go along with it - we can work against it. On the other hand, we can surrender to it and allow it to bring us to God.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote, "Our faith is not a theory but an event, an encounter with the living God, who is our Father, who welcomed human nature in his Son Jesus Christ and who united us in the Holy Spirit, and in all this remains the one and only God."

Father Michael

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