Week 40 - October 7 2018
The Holy Spirit – Soul of the Church – General Audience July 8 1998

“We can think of the Holy Spirit as the soul of our soul, and thus the secret of our sanctification. Let us dwell in his powerful and discreet, intimate and transforming presence!”

Week 39 - September 30 2018
Imitating Christ by Greg Peters – Christian History Magazine

“It’s been cited as an influence on everyone from Thomas More to Thomas Merton, John Wesley to John Newton. Over 2,000 editions have been printed around the world. Its popularity rivals the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress—in fact only the Bible has been translated into more languages. The heart of its message is the theme of conversion …….. What is it? It’s the little book The Imitation of Christ, which emerged from the pen of an initially obscure priest in his forties”

Week 38 - September 23 2018
Bishop Barron’s Resources on the Sexual Abuse Scandal

“…. resources and commentary from Bishop Barron on the recent sexual abuse scandals involving Archbishop McCarrick and the Pennsylvania grand jury report. Earlier this week, Bishop Barron released an article titled "The McCarrick Mess" which addresses the crisis and suggests a way forward.”

Week 37 - September 16 2018
Why Pray the Rosary – by Dr Edward Sri – Franciscan Media

“Many great popes, saints, and Christian leaders have exhorted us to pray the rosary. It’s a powerful prayer, they say, one that can change your life, strengthen the family, bring peace to the world, convert entire nations, and win the salvation of souls. But does the average person experience the rosary this way?”

Week 36 - September 9 2018
Letter of His Holiness to the People of God – August 20 2018

“I am conscious of the effort and work being carried out in various parts of the world to come up with the necessary means to ensure the safety and protection of the integrity of children and of vulnerable adults, as well as implementing zero tolerance and ways of making all those who perpetrate or cover up these crimes accountable. We have delayed in applying these actions and sanctions that are so necessary, yet I am confident that they will help to guarantee a greater culture of care in the present and future.”

Week 35 - September 2 2018
Alone With…..Our Father – by Dr Tom Neal – Word on Fire

“There are those who think, based on a one-sided spirituality, that prayer should be unalloyed contemplation of God, free of all distraction, as if the names and faces of others were somehow an intrusion to be avoided. Yet in reality, our prayer will be all the more pleasing to God and more effective for our growth in holiness if, through intercession, we attempt to practice the twofold commandment that Jesus left us. (Pope Francis)”

Week 34 - August 26 2018
Agape Online Bible Studies

“Agape Bible Study contains free on-line bible studies which faithfully hold to the teachings of the Universal Magisterium of the Catholic Church. These studies bring a unique historical perspective to the study of Sacred Scripture concentrating on exploring God's plan as revealed to His Church through the divinely inspired written word of Sacred Scripture.” Pick one of the bible studies that most interests you – and get to know the bible!

Week 33 - August 19 2018
Spe Salvi (On Christian Hope) – Pope Benedict XVI

“We need the greater and lesser hopes that keep us going day by day. But these are not enough without the great hope, which must surpass everything else. This great hope can only be God, who encompasses the whole of reality and who can bestow upon us what we, by ourselves, cannot attain. The fact that it comes to us as a gift is actually part of hope. God is the foundation of hope.” You can also read a lovely article on Spe Salvi by Fr Raymond de Souza by clicking on: A Masterpiece of Hope

Week 32 - August 12 2018
Goodness and Peace in Man – Imitation of Christ

Every year, I like to link to Thomas Kempis’s Imitation of Christ. Here is a link to Book 2 Goodness and Peace in Man. “First keep peace with yourself; then you will be able to bring peace to others. A peaceful man does more good than a learned man. Whereas a passionate man turns even good to evil and is quick to believe evil, the peaceful man, being good himself, turns all things to good.”

Week 31 - August 5 2018
Go Out and Make Disciples – A Framework for Pastoral Action from the Diocese of Joilet

“The pastoral charge seems simple. Care for people in need. Embrace the lost and drifting. Encourage immigrant Catholics. Inspire young adults. Advocate for the voiceless. Cultivate lay discipleship. Proclaim the sacraments. What can you as a faithful Catholic do as a response to these entreaties?” I found this document unexpectantly – and loved it!

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