St Mary Star of the Sea

Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario

Week 20 - May 17 2020
The Church Fathers Resource – website

“Despite the fact that their writings are all available for free online, many people have not taken the time to educate themselves on what the Church Fathers have taught. This website is meant to serve as a tool to help people do just that. The quotes on this site were adopted from "The Fathers Know Best."”

Week 19 - May 10 2020
The Restoration of St Peter – Catholic Answers website

The “conversation I want to consider is that between Jesus and Peter on the beach after the Resurrection. It is the encounter of every sinner with Christ after his repentance.” This is an excerpt from the new book, Secrets from Heaven.

Week 18 - May 3 2020
Joseph Gloor’s Testimony about Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire

“Joe Gloor tells the story of how Bishop Robert Barron’s Word On Fire Ministry brought him into the Catholic Faith.” For those who have been watching Bishop Barron’s daily masses, you will have become familiar with Joseph Gloor. I love how the Holy Spirit works in our lives!

Week 17 - April 26 2020
Unleash the Gospel – Cardinal Allen Vigneron

“[I]t is the Holy Spirit who transforms Christ’s disciples from ordinary people into Spirit-filled evangelizers. Before the coming of the Spirit, the early Christians did not seem a particularly impressive group of people…..They went out from the Upper Room overflowing with the joy of the Gospel. Through their witness, the Gospel was unleashed in Jerusalem and from there throughout the ancient world.”

Week 16 - April 19 2020
Give it To God: A Message of Hope – The Word Among Us – by Leo Zanchettin

“I saw that I have a choice, just as Jesus did. I can grumble when government officials tell me what not to do and where not to go, or I can choose to give them the respect that their office calls for. I can nervously read every news article about the latest developments, or I can choose to limit my reading and surrender myself and my family into God’s loving care.”

Week 15 - April 12 2020
Urbi et Orbi Blessing – March 27 2020 – Pope Francis

“Pope Francis meditated on the calming of the storm from the Gospel of Mark during the prayer service over which he presided on the steps of St Peter's Basilica.” “Pope Francis delivers an extraordinary blessing “To the City and to the World” on Friday to pray for an end to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. In his meditation, the Pope reflects on Jesus’ words to His disciples: “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?”

Week 14 - April 5 2020
The Eucharist – Sophia Sketchpad

This week, Father Michael posted this youtube video for the Confirmation class. I loved it! It was a great refresher about the theology behind one of our seven sacraments. “This video focuses on the Eucharist, explaining the connection between Original Sin, Christ’s death and Resurrection, and the Holy Mass.” Hope you enjoy it too!

Week 13 - March 29 2020
Coronavirus: Be Not Afraid – Fr Jonathan Meyer

This is a powerful homily by Fr Jonathan Meyer from the 2nd Sunday of Lent. He quotes from one of my favourite go-to books: Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly. Give yourself some time after you have heard the homily to sit in silence and reflect on what you have just heard.

Week 12 - March 22 2020
Lectio Divina - Carmelites

“The practice of Lectio Divina as a way of praying the Scriptures has been a fruitful source of growing in relationship with Christ for many centuries and in our own day is being rediscovered by many individuals and groups. The Word of God is alive and active and will transform each of us if we open ourselves to receive what God wants to give us.” You can download daily Lectio Divina readings and reflections from this link.

Week 11 - March 15 2020
Ingruentium Malorum (Reciting the Rosary) – Pope Pius XII

“And truly, from the frequent meditation on the Mysteries, the soul little by little and imperceptibly draws and absorbs the virtues they contain, and is wondrously enkindled with a longing for things immortal, and becomes strongly and easily impelled to follow the path which Christ Himself and His Mother have followed.”

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