Week 30 - July 28 2019
Pivotal Players Previews and Commentary – Bishop Robert Barron

“Can we encounter God in the ordinary if “no one sees the face of God and lives"? If we truly assent to God being everywhere, then we can infer that God willfully, purposefully, and intelligently insinuates himself into our everyday lives. While journeying to Rome, Bishop Barron was struck by this fundamental principle of Ignatian spirituality as it relates to his life.”

Week 29 - July 21 2019
The Catholic Book Club – Goodreads.com

“This reading group is for Catholics and anyone else interested in reading and discussing Catholic literature from devotional and theological writings to saint biographies and fiction. Each month we choose books from a list of nominations for a book to be read the following month. Everyone is welcome to join in and participate.” I thought it might be fun to be part of Catholic online group. Check out this group on Goodreads.com.

Week 28 - July 14 2019
Catechesis on Angels – General Audiences July 9 – August 20 1986 – Pope John Paul II

“We know that man enjoys a unique position within the sphere of creation: by his body he belongs to the visible world, while by his spiritual soul which vivifies the body, he is as it were on the boundary between the visible and invisible creation. To the latter, according to the Creed which the Church professes in the light of Revelation, belong other beings, purely spiritual, therefore not proper to the visible world even though present and working therein. They constitute a world apart.”

Week 27 - July 7 2019
Christ is Passing by – St Josemaria Escriva

“Let us begin by asking the Holy Spirit, from this moment on, to give us the grace to understand every word and gesture of Christ. Because we want to live a supernatural life, because our Lord has shown his desire to give himself to us as nourishment for our soul, and because we acknowledge that only he has "words of eternal life."” I couldn’t resist a second week of St Josemaria Escriva.

Week 26 - June 30 2019
Holy Rosary – St. Josemaria Escriva

“St. Josemaria wrote this book at one sitting in 1931, in his thanksgiving after Mass. It leads the reader along the path of a trusting dialogue with our Lady, who brings us to the Blessed Trinity. "The beginning of the way, at the end of which you will find yourself completely carried away with love for Jesus, is a trusting love for Mary," the author tells us in the preface.” Although written before the Luminous Mysteries were added, this is a very beautiful way to reflect on the rosary.

Week 25 - June 23 2019
Grace – The Skit Guys

“In this conversation between Jesus and Peter, grace is illustrated when Jesus forgives the unforgivable.” Another great skit from The Skit Guys – actually I found this one to be quite emotional.

Week 24 - June 16 2019
Peter’s Discourse After the Descent of the Holy Spirit – Pope John Paul II

“It was a fitting occasion for Peter's first discourse. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he spoke also in the name of, and in communion with, the other apostles. Peter exercised for the first time his function of herald of the Gospel, preacher of divine truth and witness to the Word. It may be said that he initiated the mission of the Popes and bishops who were to succeed him and the other apostles down the centuries. "Then Peter, standing with the eleven, lifted up his voice" (Acts 2:14).”

Week 23 - June 9 2019
Ascension – General Audience Pope Francis – April 17 2013

“In the Creed we say that Jesus “ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father”. Jesus’ earthly life culminated with the Ascension, when he passed from this world to the Father and was raised to sit on his right. What does this event mean? How does it affect our life? What does contemplating Jesus seated at the right hand of the Father mean? Let us permit the Evangelist Luke to guide us in this.”

Week 22 - June 2 2019
You Are The Light of The World – Apostolic Letter - Pope Francis

““You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Mt 5:14). Our Lord Jesus Christ calls every believer to be a shining example of virtue, integrity and holiness. All of us, in fact, are called to give concrete witness of faith in Christ in our lives and, in particular, in our relationship with others.”

Week 21 - May 26 2019
Mary Saves – Catholic Answers Magazine

“But with Mary we see a unique calling among all of the people of God. Whereas all other members of the body of Christ are called to cooperate with God’s grace in the saving of the souls of friends, loved ones, people with whom they come into contact with, etc., Mary alone was called to bring the entire Christ to the entire world.”

Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario

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