St Mary Star of the Sea

Roman Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario

Week 52 - December 29 2019
Next Year’s Confessions – The Skit Guys

“What if you looked back at your past New Year’s resolutions? What would you discover about yourself? Watch as several people sit down with their old journals, diaries, and resolutions to realize what they’ve done and what has been left undone.” Another great Skit Guys video!

Week 51 - December 22 2019
Christmas According to Kids – Southland Christian Church

“What happens when you ask a bunch of kids to tell the story of Christmas? Enjoy this story of Bethle-ha-ha-ham and the magical star that appeared.” A heart warming video to watch – no matter how many times I post this!

Week 50 - December 15 2019
Catholic Mom – Most Popular Catholic Church websites 2018 sites

“Catholic Mom is a site that was built to celebrate Catholic moms and their efforts in society building via raising responsible and catholic-minded individuals who pay attention to love, purity and family and fun from a Catholic point of view. Its goals: It encourages a closely-knit family relationship and relationship with others.” This is the sixth and final link to a website from the list of popular Cathlic Church websites in 2018.

Week 49 - December 8 2019
LifeTeen – Most Popular Catholic Church websites 2018 series

“Life Teen is a blog that was created for teenagers and focuses especially with the Eucharist and the church. Its goals: The blog is geared at leading the young church to the love and light of Jesus Christ and to completely unveil the sacramental potency in young adults.” This is the fifth link to a website from the list of popular Catholic Church websites in 2018.

Week 48 - December 1 2019
EWTN News – Most Popular Catholic Church websites 2018 series

“This blog dedicates itself to the exposition of the truth as is prescribed by the Roman Catholic Church’s Magisterium. The main purpose of this agency is to help individuals discover the truth about Christ and Catholic Church and help them to grow in understanding and love of God’s word. …….Its goals: It brings individuals into the light and creates a better understanding of God’s word.” This is the fourth link to a website from the list of popular Catholic Church websites in 2018.

Week 47 - November 24 2019
Catholic News Service – Most Popular Catholic Church websites 2018 series

“The Catholic News Service only select the top stories to post each day. The site makes up to 9 posts per week and they have a worldwide coverage. Not only are their information in prints, but also in audio and video formats. Its goals: To report fully, fairly and freely on how the world is affected by the church today.” This is the third link to a website from the list of popular Catholic Church websites in 2018.

Week 46 - November 17 2019
Catholic Answers – Most Popular Catholic Church websites 2018 series

“Catholic Answers is a site built to help Catholics defend their faith by providing answers to every expected questions about Catholicism. Catholic Answers is a media ministry that serves Christ by explaining and defending the Catholic faith.” This is the second link to a website from the list of popular Catholic Church websites in 2018.

Week 45 - November 10 2019
Catholic News Agency – Most Popular Catholic Church websites 2018 series

“The agency reports news from everywhere including the Vatican, Africa, Europe, Asia and even the Americas…… Its goals: It makes just one post every week that encompasses all the happenings around the church in a highly comprehensive manner.” Over the next six weeks, I will link to different websites from the list of popular Catholic Church websites in 2018.

Week 44 - November 3 2019
Saints – EWTN website

“Saints are the heroes of the Catholic faith. They lived lives in holiness, dedicated to serving God and spreading his message of salvation. Indeed, many Catholic saints courageously met their deaths simply because of their faith. Today, the saints serve as examples for all Catholics, showing us how to lead a more satisfying, more spiritual life in communion with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” This is wonderful site to read about the lives of your favourite saints!

Week 43 - October 27 2019
Angels and the Supernatural – 21 Day Journey - Good Catholic website

“There is a realm of mysterious beings who are pure spirit. They cannot be perceived by the five senses unless God permits them to reveal themselves. There are angels. There are demons. And the souls of our departed loved ones are very much alive. Are ghosts and demons the same? What is the Catholic perspective on invisible realities? Why is the world of spirits important? What is the supernatural…and what has it to do with us?” This is a 21 day series and is easy to purchase!

Week 42 - October 20 2019
Priests, Prophets and Kings – Bishop Robert Barron

“A classic characterization of Jesus is that he is priest, prophet, and king. As priest, he sanctifies, that is to say, he reestablishes the lost link between divinity and humanity; as prophet, he speaks and embodies the divine truth; and as king, he leads us on the right path, giving guidance to the human project…… How does it show itself in the lives of ordinary believers?”

Week 41 - October 13 2019
The Book of Tobit – Catholic Answers Website

“The story told in Tobit contains a whole series of teachings which are useful for the education of conscience and also encourage people to practice virtue, especially virtues to do with the works of mercy. Parents feel urged to educate their chil dren in the love of God and in the practice of prudence, generosity, etc. and themselves to imitate Tobit’s patience when they encounter unforeseen difficulties in their family life, even to the point of their own relatives turning their backs on them……Additionally, the book shows us that angels are the protectors of men."

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