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Week 41 - October 13 2019
The Book of Tobit – Catholic Answers Website

“The story told in Tobit contains a whole series of teachings which are useful for the education of conscience and also encourage people to practice virtue, especially virtues to do with the works of mercy. Parents feel urged to educate their chil dren in the love of God and in the practice of prudence, generosity, etc. and themselves to imitate Tobit’s patience when they encounter unforeseen difficulties in their family life, even to the point of their own relatives turning their backs on them……Additionally, the book shows us that angels are the protectors of men."

Week 42 - October 20 2019
Priests, Prophets and Kings – Bishop Robert Barron

“A classic characterization of Jesus is that he is priest, prophet, and king. As priest, he sanctifies, that is to say, he reestablishes the lost link between divinity and humanity; as prophet, he speaks and embodies the divine truth; and as king, he leads us on the right path, giving guidance to the human project…… How does it show itself in the lives of ordinary believers?”

To read how we are all called to be Priests, Prophets and Kings, click on Week 42 – Priests, Prophets and Kings – Bishop Robert Barron

St Matthew and the Angel by Caravaggio

Each week, we take a spiritual journey reflecting on Pope Benedict XVI's desire for continued formation.  A new link to Vatican documents, Catholic news articles, youtube videos and Catholic writings from on-line magazines and journals will be published below.  It is our hope that you will find the articles and documents relevant - both in timing of our liturgical year and in the current events of the secular world in which we live.